Friday, December 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Day

Our family is so blessed in so many ways...too numerous to count how God blesses us each and everyday of the year! I'm most thankful for His abundant saving grace and allowing me to be a wife and mother to two of the most amazing people I know!! Thanksgiving day we spent at Mam & Poppa's with our Tilley family. Oh my goodness how much I love each and every one of them!!
We ate way too much & then played outside til we couldn't feel our toes :)) Fun, PERFECT day!!

Motley's Christmas tree farm

Last week Jody had the entire week off for Thanksgiving. Greer & I enjoyed having Daddy home with us!! We had a pretty low key week for the most part, but Wednesday we decided to head off to Motley's tree farm to pick out our very first, real tree to enjoy!! We had so much fun as a family!! I love how we are creating our own little family traditions & the sweet memories we are sharing!! Motley's is a great place!!
Petting zoo, pig races, gift shop (with FUDGE, that is heavenly!!) and beautiful trees to pick from!! I will never have another artifcial tree in this house ever. I love the experience, ambience, smell...the whole kit & kaboodle of a real tree!!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

18 month pictures

Our sweet photographer and friend Melanie McKnight came out to the house a month ago & got some great shots of the family and Greer. Just wanted to share a flies...can NOT believe our baby girl is about to turn 19 months old in a couple of days. We could not LOVE you more sweet, smart and beautiful Greer!!

Corp Thanksgiving

Poppa invited his girls to his work Thanksgiving celebration, so we jumped all over that invite!! Greer was all excited to go see where Poppa works. We enjoyed good food and fellowship with his sweet, wonderful co-workers. They are all super sweet and fun to be around. Sweet Andrea played frisbee and ball with Greer after lunch. We even got to sneak in some cuddles & loves with baby Grant. Greer enjoyed seeing the dam and the lake full of "WwwAAAteRrr". That maybe my favorite word she says besides "Mommy" of course!