Wednesday, November 30, 2016

40 Reasons

40 reasons I love you
  1.  You love God
  2.  You love me
  3.  You love Greer
  4.  You think I'm beautiful
  5.  You cherish us
  6.  Your baby blue eyes
  7.  You have an amazing smile
  8.  You are honest
  9.  You are loyal
  10.  You are kind
  11.  You are never wavering in your faith...always holding strong to your convictions
  12.  You are patient
  13.  You are silly
  14.  Your hugs
  15.  Your kisses
  16.  You are an amazing father
  17.  For holding my hand
  18.  For being my sunshine
  19. The tenderness of your touch
  20. You are a leader
  21. You see the best in me 
  22. You are handsome
  23. You open the door for me
  24. Your ability to calm me
  25. You are understanding
  26. Your ability to know what I am thinking even before I say it
  27. Your ability to forgive....and forget
  28. You are sincere
  29. You are good
  30. You gave me the best gift of my life
  31. You are my dream
  32. You're my favorite place
  33. You're my best friend
  34. You are handsome
  35. Your couch snuggles
  36. You are our provider
  37. You are our protector
  38. You are my supporter
  39. Your confidence
  40. I get to spend this beautiful life with you

Jody...I pray your day and the next year is filled with all things as wonderful as you...thank you for all the memories we've created and the ones yet to come!!!  Happy birthday!!!!  I love you!!!!

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