Friday, January 31, 2014

20 months

Greer you are 20 months old and have the hugest heart & smile!!!  Mommy & Daddy love you too pieces!!! You are learning so much!!  You repeat anything anyone says!!  A huge vocabulary!!  I can't belive how much of my heart you have!!!  The whole thing!!!  I can't wait every morning until you wake up!!  Life is so fun & sweet sharing it with you!!! 
Favorites: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, juice, helping Mommy, building houses with Daddy, loving on Blu
Words:  tractors, cows, Poppa, Mam, Granny, Slate Blu, Mommy, Daddy, kisses, caterpillar, strawberry, Mickey Mouse, Ms. Kara, Carly, Laci, church, Jesus, color...what can't you say???
You Can:  march, color, sing in church, squat, jump, throw a ball, swing, run & give the bestes hugs!!
You are our WHOLE world sweet, beautiful, blue-eyed, smart baby girl!! 

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