Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Greer's week of firsts

Headed home for the first time of a family of three

All ready to go....

Penny couldn't wait to get some luvins :)

Buttering up Uncle Mike for tractor rides!!

Poppa's loves are the best!!

First bath at home...Mommy was a nervous wreck!

I might have looked like I had it all together, but looks can be deceiving.  I just knew I loved you so much and that God would help me care and take care of you :)

Headed to meet Dr. Robert :)

Contentment :)

Stacy, Emily & Colton  loves 


Greer says she likes this guy...he lives close to Disney World :)  Love you Evan!!!

Granny, Greer, Papaw and Daddy...blessed times!!

Now these girls right here can get ya in a heap trouble, but how blessed you are with all their love!!  You are so blessed to have these sweethearts as not only family, but the bestest of friends!!!  My heart is full!!

Livi loves

My first of many trips to Nen Nen's these girls!!!  

Aunt Freda

These girls drove all the way from Texas to meet you!!! Amanda & Ella 

Tyler, Aunt Lynne, Blu, Ella, Amanda, Greer & Eli!!!  Sweet family!!!

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