Thursday, November 6, 2014

May 4, 2012 via Mam's camera lens

One excited Mam!!

Poppa's girl :)

My world is COMPLETE!!

Bro. John and Ms. Jan..dedicated prayer warriors for your sweet little life!!  Thank you God for the blessings they are to our family and always will be!!  So glad they got to be part of this very, very special day!!  

Your sweet nurse Lindsey...took such good care of you:)

I didn't think no one could compare with Jill, but Suzie took the very best care of Mommy while I was in labor.  She was heaven sent!!  Daddy was best coach....guess he's had lots of practice on the gym sidelines...LOL!!

Mam peeking through the nursery window 

Mommy's favorite picture!! Daddy loved your lil boggin :)

Poor baby needed your Mommy & I you!!


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