Friday, November 14, 2014

June-October 2012..Greer 2- 5 months

1 month check up!!

Two months flew by!!

Lance & Audra's wedding shower!!  Pretty girls!!

Sweet girl!!!  Loving this stage....smiles galore!!!

Excited about some HOG action today!!!

First bites of rice cereal!!

Mommy never knew how much love my heart contained!!!

BluBlu had to sneak in :)

First time in high chair...what a big girl!! 

I see Daddy in you so much right now!!!  Love it!!

My first fall & pumpkins!!

Mommy loves those baby blues!!!

Awwww....Daddy time!!!

Heart melted!!!

Kinley's 2nd birthday party!!! Sharing loves with Emily!!

Greer loves Micah Claire....who could blame her!

Loving bath time!!


Doll baby!!

Mommy's angel baby!!

Those eyelashes!!!

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