Wednesday, November 5, 2014

She's "2"!!!!!!!!!

Greer's 2nd birthday!!  The day was beautiful and perfect just like our baby girl!!  We had a Minnie Mouse cake, ice cream & some good old strawberry milk to wash all the sugary goodness down!!!  
Remi & Madelyn having fun with bubbles!!

Sweet sisters!
Enjoying some POPCORN!!
Laci, Carly & Caroline enjoying the swing!!
Best Daddy in the world!!!  His POPCORN was a HIT!!
Bounce house!!
Look @ this little studman!!!
I can not believe you are two???  Greer you are such a sweet bring so much joy to mine & Daddy' hearts!!!!
Carly, Maddi & Emma ready for some cake!
Hey there, Poppa!!!  Peek-a-boo Rachel, Aunt Sue & Uncle Ed!!
All this for me?????
Greer you are so smart, intellegient and have a huge heart.  You are determined & have a smile that will melt  hearts!!  I've never seen someone with eyes so blue & eyelashes that go on forever!!!  You love your new swing set, watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse, coloring, going to Mam & Poppa's, going to church with all your friends, playing with Emma, Micah Claire & Kinley and cuddling up with a good sippy cup of milk and mommy at bedtime!!!  You adore Daddy and Blu Blu, but aggravate Blu Blu to death!!  You are a teaser & love to laugh!!!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much!!!  You make our world complete!!!  Happy Birthday sweet girl!!!

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